About Us

BPD Associates Ltd.

Our "Why"

It is a wise investment to invest in the success of our local women entrepreneurs.

When you support women-owned businesses, whether as a buyer or potential partner, you strengthen the economy.

The directory strives to do just that – strengthen our economy by raising the visibility and connecting women owned businesses with new buyers or potential partners.

This way everyone wins!!

For many years, Business and People Development Associates Limited (BPD) has worked with women entrepreneurs to help them connect their business aspirations to reality and strengthen themselves and their businesses in the process, through various programmes (e.g. hosting workshop, training programmes, mentoring and coaching etc).

By creating this Women Owned Businesses Directory, we have another way to support Women Entrepreneurs on a mission to grow their businesses and achieve their version of FREEDOM.

To find out more about BPD visit: https://bpdassociates.com

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“Women entrepreneurs can drive economic growth”
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Who is it for?

BPD’s Women-Owned Businesses Directory is a digital platform created for individuals/organisations/diaspora/women entrepreneurs to purchase from and/or connect with Women-Owned Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.
This database of Women-Owned Businesses is a valuable resource if you are looking for:

Products & Services

Products/services and want to support women-owned businesses


Partnerships with Women Entrepreneurs


Looking for gifts for family, friends and clients.

For Women Entrepreneurs, our directory is a great place to find collaborative partners, promote your products/services to increase your visibility and to attract new business.