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Body Frosting

Body Frosting

Trinidad & Tobago (Upmarket and Online-Based Business) Trinidad & Tobago


Life is too short to be boring. Body Frosting gives you the exciting edge. It’s also fun to stand out by daring to be different, the world will adjust.

Body Frosting provides:

  1. Handmade beadwoven accessories and leather craft (includes jewellery and fabric handbags).
  2. Personalized designs and repairs

Natural components including plant-derived seeds (e.g. flamboyant), shells, paper (upcycled, repurposed) and leather.  The name is derived from the art of frosting to decorate e.g. a cake, when we wear jewellery it’s like frosting ourselves.

The fabric handbags are traded under the name ‘Second Pillow’ which was named for my autistic son – when he learned to speak at 7 years, his way of getting company to fall asleep was to ask for a 2nd pillow.

I also tutor in bead weaving, soft furnishings and leather craft.

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Woman Entrepreneur: Alana Ramlal

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