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Dragonfly Nutrition

Dragonfly Nutrition

13 Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas Trinidad & Tobago


A symbol of transformation, at Dragonfly Nutrition we inspire you to bring about the changes needed to reach your full potential by changing how you eat.

I specialize in diabetes prevention and management, weight management, hypertension, women’s health, heart disease such as high cholesterol.

I also provide Corporate Health programs.

Dragonfly Nutrition’s services are provided at our two offices:

  1. 18, 7th Street E, Dinsley Gardens, Tacarigua
  2. 13 Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas


Woman Entrepreneur: Kimberly Suraj

Opening Time

Tuesday :From - 4:30 PM

Wednesday :From - 4:30 PM

Thursday :From - 4:30 PM

Saturday :8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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