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La Red Graphic Studios

La Red Graphic Studios

ESG Business Suites, 9-11 Fitt Street, Port of Spain


La Red Graphic Studios is an entrepreneurial venture that was born out of a passion for showing people that anyone can look great and give them an opportunity to keep a record of any part of their life’s experience through photography. I have taken over thirteen (13) years of being a hobbyist and have continued to master my art.

Almost everyone owns a digital camera today but not everyone can take professional photographs and offer a quality service. La Red will create memories for you to show off years after that graduation passes, your wedding bell rings or that baby has grown up.

La Red makes Photography fun. La Red is here to make you feel more open to you. Contact Sasha today (374-1358) ( for a quotation and to discuss how having professional images can positively impact your business and daily life and will be an excellent investment.


Photography Services Include: 

  1. Portraits
  2. Family
  3. Weddings
  4. Events
  5. Albums
  6. Frames


Woman Entrepreneur: Sasha Gomes

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