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Phlye Designs

Phlye Designs

Trinidad & Tobago (Online-Based Business) Trinidad & Tobago


Phlye designs are a high fashion brand that encourages its customers to attain the most unattainable dream. Our current products are Bags, evening wear garments and casual graphic pieces.
It is a lifestyle brand with innovative designs that encourages a sense of individuality and uniqueness.
At this point our fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago is saturated with imported fashion items. With only a few successful local high fashion businesses left consumers have lost opportunities to purchase local unique creation and our economy has lost opportunities to profit from exports of local unique designs and creations.
Phlye Designs however, provide our customers with their own sense of style and confidence, aid in the development and expansion of our local fashion industry and aim to rebuild local pride.


Woman Entrepreneur: Vanessa Alexander

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