I am Lyndi Jordan a 3rd generation farmer with a background in marine biology and a love for the environment. Experience the exquisite flavours of TT through our lines of Fruit Syrups and Artisan Fruit Wine. All products are made with fruits grown naturally by my family on our estate. No Chemicals, No Artificial Preservatives. Aurora Bitayson Limited (Organically Driven, Culturally Flavoured)

The estate was originally started by our grandmother along with her husband in the 1950's. Over time we have added and continue to add a wide variety of tree crops. Those crops include citrus, mangoes, avocados, coconuts and pommecythere to name a few. The manufacturing division uses these naturally grown fruits to produce our lines of Coconut Oil, Artisan Fruit Wines and Fruit Syrups. The wine and syrup flavours includes Sorrel, Pommecythere, Cashew, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Sour Cherry, Star Fruit (Five Finger), Portugal, Pommerac, Orange and Plum.

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