My name is Stacy Seeterram and I am the Executive Director of Caribbean Cure Limited. Our company manufactures and distributes high-quality natural herbal tea infusions which are inspired by Caribbean roots, herbs, plants, flavours and lifestyle. Our teas have won multiple international tea awards for their outstanding flavour profiles and the company is poised for expansion.

When we crafted the first blend of Caribbean Cure tea, we wanted to capture the essence of what makes the Caribbean beautiful. For us, that is nature. There is something magical and powerful here and you see it in the fruits, herbs, and roots, flowers that grow all over. It is a magic that has been revered in these parts for decades. Caribbean Cure is about taking that traditional wisdom and delivering it to you in something familiar…something that brings comfort and healing…something as simple and complex as a well-brewed cup of healing tea. So what is healing tea? Well for us, its something more than a delicious steep of leaves. We take the most powerful ingredients, pick the very best of the bunch and create healing teas that taste incredible and work to promote better health all at the same time. Every cup is intentionally crafted and a beautiful reflection of the magic that surrounds us here in the Caribbean.

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