Assist less fortunate families through networking and sponsorship.
GIC Foundation is geared toward the undermentioned mission: -

· Giving to less fortunate children perhaps on an individual basis as the need may arise.

· Giving to less fortunate families on a monthly basis without creating a dependency syndrome

· Giving to the disenfranchised families on a monthly basis in different location of Trinidad and Tobago again without creating a dependency syndrome

· Sourcing resources such as building materials and medical supplies, through various fund raising activities and events as well as distributing to disenfranchised families.

· Establishing recreational and fitness building events that provide opportunities for engaging in positive pastimes to develop skills.

· Giving to homes/institutions, whose primary function is helping abused people, families or children.

· Gender is of no consequence.

· Ethnicity is of no consequence

· Geographic location is of no consequence

We also sell our CAP signature mugs with a view to creating an income stream.

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