Online Feline Supplies Business Est 2018. We provide all 'Cat''Kitten' Essentials, Luxuries and Feline items Not found locally anywhere else.

"In search of all the wonderful things world wide that my kitty loves and that I would like to provide her with, I found a major short-coming in my country. The availability of what was needed or rather desired for my cat and other cats were not easily accessible here in Trinidad so I resorted to importing my items. But for the time being I brought in smaller, lighter items that wouldn’t impose too much shipping costs. Eventually though, I needed a better way to bring in heavier and larger items and still keep prices relatively low. Realising the plight was also that of many other cat owners and with the cat population growing in a normally more dog-centric environment, ‘KittiesTheir Humans’ was born."

Products Include:

Pet Products - Feline Pet Products (Only)

Cat Treats

Cat Dry Food

Cat Wet Food

Cat Toys

Litter and Litter Boxes

Food Bowls




Cat Shampoos

Cat Waterless Baths

Cat Themed Prodcts for Humans

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