At 'The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association" our team's objectives and goals are steered towards a well-rounded, efficient, caring, inspirational, supportive and fun-loving community organization, which in turn produces exemplary, confident, competent, focused and ambitious individuals overall. This is widely executed through the passion and admiration for helping children and adults to succeed in both academics and the performing arts, not just in the Borough of Point Fortin but in other environs throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

We enthusiastically provide the following services:

A wonderful Reading Literacy Program as well as S.E.A. Creative Writing, English, Spanish, Public Speaking, Math and other academic subject areas. In addition, C.S.E.C. and C.A.P.E tutoring are also available.

More so, we also offer dance and drama. Thus, we are always seeking actors/actresses for our yearly stage plays/productions.

Lastly, we have an exceptional 'Special Needs Program' for Autistic and A.D.H.D. students.

"A partial purpose of an individual attaining an education is solely to share his or her wealth of knowledge with others around them. At some point, the academic baton will be passed on and a society will become rich in brilliance, creativity and it will conceive prepared leaders for tomorrow. In order for this to occur, one must be willing to love humanity, love to see others achieve, have beliefs in others and most importantly love for your country." With that said, 'The Point Fortin Performing Arts Association' are strong believers in our above statement and indeed we aspire on a daily basis to practice what we preach. We are highly cognizant that with every new decade, change will emerge and indeed every new generation must be intellectually and academically equipped to take center stage.

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