A standard food distribution membership program that encourages members to spend wise, buy local and eat local.

This program is designed to promote standard spending within households. It brings to the table basic foodstuff including meat, peas, beans and fresh vegetables at a reasonable cost.

The Promise Basket encourages families to purchase healthy food and save time and money. The basket includes food from each food group, carbohydrates, fats, protein and vegetables (dark green and leafy).
Families who benefit from this program would need to register at an annual cost of $200.00 TT and purchase the foodstuff for $200.00 TT monthly.

This program further encourages members to buy and eat local. It brings fresh vegetables directly from the farmer to your table.

Smaller farmers would also benefit from the program as they would be able to sell their produce in bulk, the program would also give members the opportunity to save, as the cost is relatively cheaper than buying in a supermarket or market.

The basket includes :

5 lbs flour
5 lbs rice
5 lbs. sugar
900 ml cooking oil
1 lb. lentils
1 lb. split peas (or any other peas and beans)
Garlic or onion
2 or 3 local chickens(depending on availability)
6-8 types of vegetables and or ground provisions
Patchoi, dasheen bush, ochroes, pumpkin, melongene, bhagi, or any other vegetables or ground provisions that may be available.

Items can be substituted based on availability.

The promise basket can easily fit into your meal plan with other foodstuff in your grocery basket or for some families it can be used solely.

Larger families can order up to 3 baskets if needed at the same registration cost.
Based on the availability of goods and produce other items such as fresh fruit may be added to the basket at no additional cost. The basket is distributed once per month and registered members are notified one week before as to when payment is due.

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